Gayle San compilation »network« finally released

The audiovisual compilation contains two specially produced vj-mix clips for each audio track on an extra dvd and is is finally out now. Besides my contribution as a VJ, I created the CD Cover Design and a flyer for promotion purposes.
See the PRINT section for a visual impression.

Check out, the news post on or buy it on

Visuals clip on next gayle san compilation

I created a livevisual-like videoclip which you can find on the next compilation mixed by gayle san. This release (2009) is going to be an audiovisual feast for everyone who loves "good old" techno. Check it out soon!
Read more about it at

Merry X-MAS!

Ho, ho, time again. Wishing merry holidays to everyone who want's to know.

Thinking about starting a blog...

Now and then, i'd like to spread some more news about what's going on here. Having thoughts about whatsoever, this might be the place to not only post news but also thoughts about this world we live in. Maybe an all new blog will start here on tuned for it in the first quarter of next year.

Simple design reloads

Things take its time on since more important stuff needs to be done first. Nevertheless, time to spice up the look a bit., now with slightly new background and a custom logo.

Wallpaper session

Updated content with some older and new wallpapers. See section PERSONAL for those digital backdrops.

Content is coming...

First content is on! See section PRINT for flyers, postcards, etc.


This might develop to my digital portfolio, my personal playground etc. Right now, it's just a nice little something to look at without much functionality yet. (One might think there are many forms out there that exist in that kind of way.)
So whatever content is coming, it will fill this framework and give it a personality. There might come days where it renews itself, but it'll always stay the same inside.

Maybe you'll have the possibility to contribute in a certain way as a little experiment that deals with the observance of what kind of content is gathering here.

Well, just some thoughts written down... Maybe just to fill the empty space. But sometimes empty space is just what we need to get along in life.
So don't miss it!